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Unfermented Pu’er Tea from Menghai


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Enjoy over 1 gallon of high-quality unfermented Pu’er tea brewed from each of the 12 tea cakes each tin contains. These tea cakes can be broken in half or even smaller allowing you to brew as much or as little tea as you want at the time.

Produced from large-leaf tea trees of the Huazhu Liangzi mountain in Menghai, Yunnan, this unfermented Pu’er tea cake carries the distinctive characteristics of high mountain tea, exhibiting an appealing golden and translucent color when brewed.

The taste is characterized by a pleasant bitterness and astringency, balanced with freshness and aromatics, creating a moistening sensation in the mouth that imparts a sense of hydration, and leaving a long-lasting fragrance in the cup which enhances the overall drinking experience.

The teas from Huazhu Liangzi mountain embody the rustic charm of the mountains and are highly regarded as precious teas suitable not only for consumption, but also for collection and appreciation.

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